Panda Yoga Studio Classes

A full timetable will be coming shortly but starting in January several new classes will be being held in Panda Yoga Studio. So far the timetable looks like this,


7-8pm – Panda Yoga –  4 week beginner yin yoga starting 9th January


6-7pm – Fit Me Up – to book email


6.30-7.30pm and 7.45-8.45pm – Panda Yoga – Yin Yoga for flexibility and Yin Yoga


10.30-11.30am – Unwind Edinburgh – Yin Yoga

6-7pm – Serenity Now Yoga – Mind Body Balance Yoga


10-11am – T-Yoga – Beginners Vinyasa Flow Course

2.15-3.15pm – Rogue Yoga – Yin Yoga


10.30-11.30am – Children’s Mindfulness



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