August Classes at Panda Yoga

August classes are now open to book. Booking and the full timetable can be found on BookWhen

Regular classes will continue as normal

Monday 7-8pm – Yin Yoga

Wednesday 5-6pm – Yin Yoga – no class on 22nd August

Friday 17th August – 6.30-7.30pm – Restorative Yoga

There are also a couple of one off classes to help you escape the fringe and relax or catch up with a missed class

Thursday 9th and 23rd – 7.30-8.30pm

Sunday 19th – 7-8pm

You can now buy a class pass for £30 for 4 classes to use within 60 days of your first class. Perfect if you can’t make it along for a few weeks or aren’t sure of your availability at the start of the month.

Bloody Good Period Collection

Pads and tampons are not cheap, but for anyone with a period, they are an absolute necessity.

Many women living in poverty simply cannot afford to buy the items they need and resort to using toilet paper, old scraps of fabric or nothing at all. As if they didn’t have enough to worry about already. There are very few food banks and asylum seeker drop-in centres providing feminine hygiene products – despite a desperate need.

I am organising a collection for Bloody Good Period during February so please bring along donations to the studio.

● Sanitary towels of all descriptions!Daytime, nighttime, normal, maxi, with wings, without wings…
● Pantyliners Again – of all descriptions!
● Tampons
● Menstrual Cups
● Tena Pants – In all sizes, for all ladies!
● Shampoo and Conditioner
● Shower Gel
● Wet wipes
● Deodorant
● Toothbrushes and toothpaste
● Children’s underwear (new, unused)
● Adult’s underwear (new, unused)

Check Bloody Good Period for more information.

Either bring donations along to the studio during February or drop me a message and I can arrange to meet you and collect donations

Yin Yoga January Courses

Booking for January courses are now open with only a few spaces remaining.

Wednesday 5.10-6.10pm – Yin Yoga – Starting 3rd January – 5 classes for £30 – 3 spaces remaining.

Wednesday 6.20-7.20pm – Yin Yoga for Flexibility – Starting 3rd January – 5 classes for £30 – 4 spaces remaining.

Monday 7-8pm – Yin Yoga – Starting 8th January – 4 classes for £24 – 2 spaces remaining.

Yin Yoga is a gentle style of yoga suitable for beginners and those with experience of yoga. Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes with blocks, bolsters and other props used to support you in poses. Your flexibility will slowly and gently increase with these classes.

Booking via BookWhen